The Pentagon Tried to Discharge Me for Being HIV+. Today I Fight Back
We need the Fourth Circuit to recognize that the Air Force is violating its own regulations by discharging me and other Airmen living with HIV.

South African Student Graduates in Heels to Fight Homophobia
Letlhogonolo Masinga wanted to make a statement in a nation where homosexuality is legal but stigma remains.

An Erotic Tour of Berlin in My Gay Eye from Rinaldo Hopf

Mormon Church Reaffirms Opposition to Marriage Equality
But hey, they'll baptize your kids now.

Meet the 100-Year-Old Man Living With HIV
For National HIV Aging Awareness Day, get to knowthe oldest documented person in the world living with HIV. - RSS Channel - Entertainment

'The Princess Bride' remake idea has people crying inconceivable
"The Princess Bride" is fine just the way it is, thank you very much.

This Day in History

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Is Formed (1998)
ICANN is a nonprofit corporation that manages domain name systems, the assignment of IP addresses and protocol parameters, and root server systems. The original mandate for ICANN came from a US government proposal to privatize the management of Internet names and addresses to allow for the development of competition and to facilitate global participation in Internet management. Its functions are now performed under US Government contract. What are some criticisms of the organization? Discuss

US Constitution Signed in Philadelphia (1787)
The US Constitution embodies the fundamental principles upon which the American republic is conducted. It was drawn up at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and signed in 1787, and it was ratified by the required number of states the following year. It superseded the Articles of Confederation in force since 1781 and established the system of federal government that began to function in 1789. It includes seven articles and a preamble. How many amendments have since been adopted?

Mayflower Sets Sail for New England (1620)
The Mayflower set sail from England to the New World with 102 passengers and about 25 crew members. After a two-month voyage marked by disease, the ship dropped anchor in Cape Cod Bay. After spending the winter selecting a suitable site for their new colony and drawing up an agreement for its temporary government by the will of the majority—the Mayflower Compact—the surviving passengers settled Plymouth. Why did the Speedwell, which set out with the Mayflower, turn back?