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Two Dallas Men Plead Guilty in Grindr-Related Hate-Crime Spree
They admitted they used the hookup app to target gay men for robbery and other crimes.

Is Refusing to Date Trans People Transphobic?
The thin line between preferences and prejudice.

Harry Styless Album Release Party Had a Stevie Nicks Surprise
The gay icon did a duet of "Landslide" with the former One Direction singer.

Zola Cuts Ties With Hallmark Channel for Pulling Lesbian Wedding Ad
Hallmark yanked all of the ads from wedding registry site Zola that included a lesbian wedding, but not the two ads that featured only opposite-sex couples.

African Nation of Gabon Adopts Ban on Gay Sex
The west-central African nation is going against a trend toward decriminalization. - RSS Channel - Entertainment

'The Rise of Skywalker' takes flight after the rise of the 'Star Wars' trolls
"Star Wars" has always enjoyed a strong bond with fans, which has become one of its defining features. Yet as "The Rise of Skywalker" brings the original saga to a close, the rise of trolls threatens to fundamentally change that relationship.

This Day in History

Gone with the Wind Premieres in Atlanta, Georgia (1939)
American writer Margaret Mitchell only published one novel during her lifetime—Gone with the Wind—and it became one of the most popular novels in the history of American publishing. In 1939, an extraordinarily successful film version of the book was released, transferring the romantic, panoramic portrait of the Civil War and Reconstruction periods in Georgia to the big screen. The movie won 10 Academy Awards. What is the last line spoken in the film? Discuss

The Dayton Agreement Is Signed in Paris, France (1995)
The Dayton Agreement was a peace agreement that put an end to the Bosnian War that began in 1992. The accord was the result of a meeting between Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian leaders under US auspices in Dayton, Ohio. It called for a Bosnian republic with a central government and two semiautonomous regions roughly equal in size—one dominated by Serbs and the other by Bosniaks and Croats in federation. Later signed in Paris, the accord also provided for the dispatch of what military force?

Sir Francis Drake Begins Circumnavigation of the Globe (1577)
Drake, an English buccaneer and navigator, set out in 1577 with five ships to raid Spanish holdings on the Pacific coast of the New World. After abandoning two ships, he navigated the Straits of Magellan with the remaining three, becoming the first Englishman to do so. Another ship was destroyed in a storm, and a fourth returned to England, but Drake continued alone up the coast of S America, crossed the Pacific, rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and arrived in England in 1580. How was he rewarded?